These wienerz are plump enough to fit your bun just right.

These wienerz are plump enough to fit your bun just right.

Okay, this week it’s a video about hot dogs and angry hobos, and next week it’s the worst movies of the DECADE. Exciting times all around, if you ask me. This video is a cute little romantic comedy. Making it was pretty cool, because approximately half of the people who were involved in making in it asked me not to mention their real names, to avoid people finding it on Google in relation to them. Is there really any higher form of praise? I think not. So enjoy what’s sure to be strange and disturbing, and don’t watch it if you’re offended by the many uses of wienerz or Oscar Meyer commercials. I know that last thought probably struck fear into some of your hearts, so you might as well just watch it.

Aww, wasn’t that neat? I like the part where the guy in the song spells out the word love, because I also like to spell. If you were disturbed by that at all, just keep in mind it’s not that much different than a picnic. It’s just like a hot dog grill at a big, messy picnic……..yeah okay maybe it is a little weird.

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