This photo is necessary whenever discussing The Cage.

Let’s be honest, when bear suits are involved in movies, they’re instant classics. I knew in my heart that Nicolas Cage had to be involved in at least ONE of these “worst movies of the decade” posts. Either him or Tyler Perry, but Christmas is a time where we all try make the world a little brighter place to be in by forgetting that T.P. exists. So anywayz, here’s your video, and if you still don’t believe me that this is the funniest bad movie of the 2000’s, then consider the fact that my hair is a bird, which invalidates your argument.

Leave your guess for what the worst movie of the decade is, and if you’re right, then I’ll mention you in next week’s video. WOWIE. So guess what it is. The video basically gives it away, not that it will help you if you’re bad at life. You might even have to google to figure it out, which I’ll just assume you all did anyway.


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