"I'm a professional. See? I have...pens."

This week’s Trailer Trash is on When in Rome, with Kristen Bell. That idiom bothers me, because people always shorten it from “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and I get the inclination that they don’t even know the entire saying, and they only repeat it because they’ve heard so many other people say “when in Rome…” It’s a perfect example of why people shouldn’t take that advice, because if you just do things you see other people doing, then everyone ends up forgetting why we started doing it in the first place. So then people just continue doing it for no real reason, despite the fact that they think it’s kind of pointless, and before you know it, we have twitter. Speaking of which you can follow me at twitter.com/danrickmers. See what I did there? Great, you’re a genius. Now watch the video.

You know, I like you kids. If you were dating a girl named Beth, I wouldn’t kick you out of filmfail.com. Especially not if you’re a girl yourself. It’s a safe space.

Dan “Friend to Lesbians Dating Girls Named Beth” Rickmers

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