This is why you shouldn’t sneeze into your hands. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS, LARRY. You’re killing your father. Oh, hey dere. I maybe made this video for a class, and I’m maybe going to shamelessly replace this week’s Trailer Trash with it. Horrible, horrible sneezing is involved. Maybe. Death is funny! Speaking of death, I just got back from murdering a couple of Sony representatives who slapped ads all over this video because I use a small part of ELO‘s song, Mr. Blue Sky. Cool story guys, why don’t you just come out and ASK me to post a link to one of at least 500 websites where you could download that song in it’s full form, illegally. It’s alright though, in these situations I like to follow the inspirational advice of our friend Courage Wolf:

courage wolf 2

YES. Okay, now I’m pumped. Here’s the video, which is right here, exclusively for you filmfail friends! and for people who randomly find it on Youtube! Exclamation! Oh, and by the way. Unlike videos where I’m just sitting around allowing words to seep from my mouth-hole, this video probably looks noticeably better in HD than it does in Loser-D, so click the HD button when you start it.


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