I'm irrelevant to the story!

I'm irrelevant to the story!

It’s time to feign authority and decree which movies are the worst of these past ten years. It’s a tough job, because there has been so much suckage, but I think One Missed Call really takes the cake. It has everything you wouldn’t want in a horror movie, and more. I actually watched this pathetic, awful excuse for a movie, and I CHALLENGE you to get through it without trying to kill yourself at least once. I tried multiple times, but it turned out like this. So, unfortunately, I lived through this movie and here is a gripping documentary of my struggle:

Okay, full disclosure: I really just like making scenes with people lying on top of each other look like sex scenes. That’s my big goal in life. Leave a comment right here, on this page, of what you think the funniest bad movie of the 2000’s was, and if you’re correct, it shall be the subject of next week’s TRAILER TRASH.

Quite Indubitably,
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