Tourettes Guy Theatuh. When no form of verbal criticism can really say what one really needs to say about a movie, when all semblance of logical thought has been given up on because a movie is so terrible, I feel that the only solution is uncontrollable swearing. Who better to swear uncontrollably at the movie than the Tourettes Guy himself? Of course I’m talking about He’s Just Not That Into You.

Alright, so the bastards at Warner Brothers feel like this particular Tourette’s Guy Theatuh is a violation of their copyright (which, of course, it IS) and their strange method of retaliation was to disable the embedding of this video. Which is more of an annoyance than anything else. In any case, I’m going to post a link to the video right here:

He’s Just Not That Into Tourette’s Guy Video

I’m also going to provide you all with a video that has been the inspiration for much of my life:

Who’s driving? Omigod Bear is driving! How can this be?

Also, let me remind you all that while I must adhere to rules and regulations on Youtube, I also don’t care, and I still have the video on my podcast. Whabam! Watch the podcast!

A good day to you all,
Sir Daniel Rick

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