Tee hee, Innuendo.  So Up is about this guy who ties balloons to his house in order make it fly? AWESOME. Let me try it…oh wait, that defies the laws of physics. FILM FAIL. I almost actually passed out from blowing up all those God damn balloons. Not a good idea for anyone who is gullible enough to try it. Also, keep in mind that whole helium thing. That shit isn’t cheap.  I liked doing this video, and I’m thinking about putting up some more random skits like these periodically in addition to the weekly Trailer Trash.

Speaking of Trailer Trash, the next one is on The Proposal (Dis da trailer.). Yeah, I’m doing a romcom. It had to happen eventually. This one seems really bad, and not just because it has Ryan Reynolds in it.  Keep an eye open for that one on Sunday/Monday.

Your blogslave,

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