You know, I really love the sub-culture that has been derived from Harry Potter a lot more than Harry Potter itself. Seriously, you’ve got Potter Puppet Pals, really bad “wizard rock”, Harry Twatter, and of course the inspiration for this video, Brad Neely’s “Wizard People, Dear Reader”. This is a little homage (a euphemism for direct copy) to the latter, and I hope you’ll all enjoy it. If any of you are getting weary of not seeing my face for 4 minutes each week, which I’m assuming you’re not, I’ll be back in the flesh for next week’s installment of TRAILER TRASH. Woo.

By the way, doing that voice kind of hurt my vocal chords after awhile. Personally, I don’t know how that Brad Neely did it over the course of an entire movie without clawing out his throat with a deranged housecat.


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