Well let’s get one thing straight. No one is expecting this movie to be good. In fact, I was checking twitter (I know, I know, TWITTER) to see what kinds of people might actually be interested in seeing this fine piece of cinematic mastery, and the only people who wanted to see the movie were saying: “Lol its gona b bad but I want to c #Bandslam cause it has the trailer to New Moon!!! <3” So if I can get a hallelujah here, tweens are SO susceptible to advertising that they’ll pay 12 dollars and waste 90 minutes just to see a trailer for a movie they could also just look up on youtube. In effect, preferring the advertising (New Moon trailer) to whatever the advertising was paying for (Bandslam). Where’s my ski mask? I’m starting a life of crime.

Oh, so those links right below are helpful if you want to be notified whenever I make a new video. Though if you’d rather just check the website every 12 seconds, that’s cool too. The iTunes one is my personal favorite. It automatically downloads the videos whenever they come out. If I didn’t use it, I might not even know when I uploaded a video which would just be a travesty.


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