Eff Aliens in the Attic, Aliens in the Closet would have been a far better movie. Think about it. It would even star Ronald the Gay Panda as Susan the Bicurious Panda. I know what you’re saying, don’t we already have ENOUGH big gay bears in Hollywood? I mean yes, one Phillip Seymour Hoffman is enough, but let’s not allow that fact to turn our mind-grapes off of the idea completely. Oh, and this week’s Trailer Trash is on Aliens in the Attic, which is instead a boring, generic movie about aliens…in the attic. Correction: The Aliens spend little to no time in the attic. Come on, at least stick with your lame story!

Aliens in the Attic must have seemed like a good premise at some point, but this is certainly one film that should never have a made it to production. That’s why we here at Film Fail decided to feature this terrible film in this week’s Trailer Trash video.

Aliens in the Attic stars Carter Jenkins, Ashley Tisdale, Robert Hoffman – who, between them, have starred in some fairly decent movies comparatively. Unfortunately, this just isn’t one of them. Check out the Trailer Trash video above to see why.

I hope none of you qualify as the D-bags I mentioned in the end of the video. Heh, D-Bags. That would be a good rapper name for when I decide to quit my life of making fake movie reviews and drop Troof bombs all over the hip hop community.

Peace out,

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