There are few things more annoying than a Tyler Perry movie. Perhaps Beggin Strips commercials can top the list but…no, it’s Tyler Perry. Many people claim that he should be excused, because he’s “good at what he does.” However they usually neglect to mention that “what he does,” is make horrible atrocities of cinema that claim to be funny, but really just rip open portals in the space-time continuum and punch little schoolgirls in the face until they pass out from coughing up too much blood. It’s true. He IS very good at that.

surprise abortion

This is how Tyler Perry makes movies...I guess.

I say this because T.P. movies do well regardless of how much bad criticism they get. So if my bad criticism isn’t going to actually change anything, I might as well tell you the truth about Tyler Perry movies. So without further ado, here’s this week’s Trailer Trash. It’s a scratch and sniff video, so be sure to scratch your screen with the sharpest blade you can find around the house.

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