I realize none of you will actually refer to the movie/Katherine Heigl/everyone they know as Titsiana Booberini, but don’t you think the world would be just a little bit better if you did? There would be no war, because who would want to hunt down and kill someone named Titsiana Booberini? I sure wouldn’t. Anyway, how weird is it that this is a rated “R” romantic comedy? I guess they just want something for the girls to go see when they want to be “bad”, since this movie not only acknowledges the fact that sex exists, but pushes the totally original idea that men are more forward about their desire to partake in sex than women are. ISN’T THAT HILARIOUS?????

I can’t find it anywhere online, but from what I gather, Titsiana Booberini is about a cashier this girl, taking her name from the title, who just wants this other cashier to notice her, but he wont, so she just daydreams about people dancing. Apparently it has nothing to do with softcore pornography, which was my initial assumption/desire.


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