I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (or the convenient and clever acronym IHTSBIH) has been the subject of a lot of controversy for it’s blatant objectification of women…but what about the fact that it’s just a shitty movie? Tucker Max, it’s cool if you want to be all perverse and whatnot, but at least put a little effort into being clever! Geez.

Though it’s still not the worst thing you could see this weekend. Preacher’s Kid will probably shock the 4 people who happen to go see it by mistake, because it looks and sounds like it was made on a camera that’s even cheaper than my own. Letoya Luckett and Tammy Townsend star in this movie…I think…and if I’m wrong, who really cares? Well, I’m sure they might, but I sincerely doubt they’ll ever see this video, or their own movie for that matter. In either case, whoever paid $8.95 to make this movie should have sprung for a camera that was at least better than the iSight.

Here’s this week’s video, where we answer LAST week’s question, talk about these two fabtastic movies, die a thousand deaths, and ask another GRIPPING question.

Did that video just blow your mind? It certainly blew mine! Ba dum tisssss. I wanted to try out the art of head explody, and it’s not perfect, but I think it’s a good start. Oh look at me, distracting us from the grave issue at hand:

WHERE da hoes at? It’s like Where’s Waldo, but with women who have no other financial means of supporting themselves aside from selling their bodies to dirty men with HIV. Sounds fun!

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