They've changed so much you can barely RECOGNIZE them! Wait, don't leave!

I can be kind of a cynic when it comes to movies, but even my hardened heart can see that Tron Legacy looks pretty cool.  I mean, if you can rope Daft Punk into anything it kind of ups your street cred a little, just look at Kanye West. That being said, the original Tron movie was made in the eighties, when Daft Punk was still just a beautiful dream in a European Discotheque, and boy howdy does it ever show. It looks like someone drew colored lights onto black and white film with a crayon…while they were convulsing. It’s not pretty. Nor is it well written. As you’ll see in the video, there’s a two minute sequence where Jeff Bridges and Co. simply drink water. I *think* the water was supposed to have replenished their power, but that’s not really made explicit, and even so, they just kind of sit there drinking without even any dialogue to distract us.


I may have been defeated in Tron, but I've grown 2564 times smarter since then.

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