The original wasn't any better, but it WAS funnier.

Here we have yet another remake of George Romero’s B Horror movies, The Crazies. I have no idea why this is happening, but I’m assuming it’s because no one has ever seen the original. B Horror movies are rarely, if ever the slightest bit scary. In fact, the main reason people watch them is because they’re funny. The original The Crazies features some of the worst acting you’ll ever see in your life, and that’s honestly the main appeal. This remake is bad for different reasons, like it’s the original minus the joy you’d get by hearing so many terrible untrained actors deliver lines with the finesse of an eggplant. Clumsy eggplants! Watch the video.

Be sure to tell all your friends and loved ones about, lest they turn into crazies and murder you!

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