Just chillaxin' before we go destroy some horcruxes.

‘Tis part one of the epic conclusion to the Harry Potter saga! I’m sure you all already knew that though, since this series has been going on for some seven years or something crazy like that. To think that in all that time, it’s only now that producers have been smart enough to cash in on Potter fans’ extreme gullibility and effectively double the profits on this last film by splitting it into two parts. Luckily for them that’s exactly what Potter fans want… a cinematic depiction of every last word in the book. At that point, the book is always going to be better, and I don’t see any point in getting excited over the movie. Personally, I would want a Harry Potter that improves on the experience, and distills the story into what really makes it great, which could be done in 90 minutes by a skilled writer. However, producers are all too willing to cash in on this half movie business. In either case, this half a movie gets exactly half a review from me, so if you’re halfway interested, scroll halfway up the page and check it on out!

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