This week, we’re bringing you the very best in Michael Moore Mocking Technology, but can you improve on the latest and greatest insults to the fat, whiny documentarian? Leave a comment below, and see if your mockery skills can walk with the big boys (the big boys in this case referring to Michael Moore).

Also involved in this episode are Ricky Gervais in “The Invention of Lying“, The Coen Brothers make a movie that’s better than everyone else’s called “A Serious Man“, Ricky Gervais gives us his opinion on Troll 2, and footage is released of Michael Moore‘s short-lived career as a pizza delivery guy. Check back next week for a new film fail. We’ll have something special…maybe. I wont post your beautiful mockeries of Michael Moore next week, though. That will happen in two weeks, because I’m working on your special treat that’s totally not just me being too lazy to make a Trailer Trash next week. Speculate:

Define ya pronouns! Exclaim tings wit a ghetto pronunciation! Worrrrd. Make fun of Michael Moore in the comment box below, and you will feel all tingly inside for having done so. That’s the tingle of being a righteous person. It’s a good tingle. Tingle tingle kooloo-limpah!

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