meatI don’t know much about much, but I reckon that those Oscar Meyer luncheon meats are filled with pure evil. This is a relatively stupid short film I did, because I’ve been watching too much Invader Zim lately. There’s this song in the background which I think is totally underplayed and probably one of the highlights of the series, which is weird considering that later in the episode everyone turns into balogna. Anyway, this is spiritually inspired by that, and entirely shot and edited by me, because who else in their right mind would want to get in on that? If anyone else would’ve wanted to get in on that, let me know, because we’ll probably be best friends.

I’ve been making a lot of meat-related shorts recently, and when I realized that, I figured I might as well make this while I’m on this meat kick. It’s probably because meat is so manly, and I love manly man meat. It fills me with testosterone just thinking about it. It’s almost as manly as Tom Selleck’s moustache!



PS I’m a vegetarian.

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