If I had to think up a corny joke to go along with this week’s video, it would go a little something like this: “I tried to make this video P.C., but it turns out I’m a Mac!” Ahahaha, I slay me. Instead of focusing only on one, I looked at basically all the big movies coming out this week, because I couldn’t decide on only one I didn’t want to see. Yeah, I’m not going to be seeing a movie this weekend, if you didn’t already assume that. This venture has actually had a positive real world application in that respect. Now, people always know better than to ask me to go see a movie, they’ll say “Dan, do you want to go see…oh wait, you probably don’t want to see anything, right?” and then I say “OF COURSE NOT” and I eat them. Om nom nom.

This video answers last week’s question, “Would you rather watch a Tyler Perry movie or Gay Porn?” The results were none too surprising. Check out all the exciting excitement:

Wasn’t that excitement exciting? I liked the part where he was all like “NO” but it was funny because, aww you know…ya had to be there.

Leave a comment as to whether you’d rather Love Happens to end happily or in DEATH. If you vote for the answer I want you to pick, I just might count it! That’s right, screw everything, this is a fascist democracy!


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