Gyllenhaal notes that this scene was harder to stomach than Jarhead.

For some unknown reason, NYU Local asked me to interview some famous (aka superior) people at the New York premiere of Love and Other Drugs, which may be better known by its original title, Pretty People Have Sex For Two Hours, and scored some choice interviews with all the stars of the film who didn’t consider themselves too pretty and important to talk to some dude from a college blog. You may be surprised to learn that these aforementioned megalomaniacs include Anne Hathaway, a graduate of said college who must have majored in Bitchology. You may also be surprised that Jake Gyllenhaal, did NOT feel too pretty or famous to talk to me, and now we’re best friends. His bff nickname is Jakey G.

In addition to Jakey G, the faithful Andy Heriaud and I do question and pester plenty of other stars, talk about drugs with Natalie Gold, sing ballads and reference Ke$ha with Oliver Platt, and of course, make gay jokes with Jake Gyllenhaal. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get an interview with the movie’s real star, Jake Gyllenhaal’s bare chest, but you’re welcome to use this website to get a little more intimate with that particular famous person’s midsection. On the topic of the actual movie, unless you’re dying to see some poor-man’s Up In The Air type of comedy, Anne Hathaway crying about having early onset Parkinsons, or slapstick Viagra jokes, there really isn’t enough nudity to hold anyone’s interest through those two very long hours of Love and Other Drugs unless you’re high on some of those “other drugs.”

Love and Other Drugs opens nationwide on November 24th, and here is a link to my writeup on NYU Local.

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