Folklore whispers of the mystical heroes. The ones who can vanquish the almighty evils of the world, the ones who don the armor forged by the quiet passion of the Gods, and ride to GLORIOUS victory on the wings of… um, well using the wings of… they’re birds. Yeah, there are some nice things you can say about this movie. It looks really sharp, the particle effects are pretty intricate, but when push comes to shove, the things that these guys went through so much trouble to animate are pretty damn stupid.

The Guardian Legend

Not to be confused with the NES game "The Guardian Legend"

Animation studios have typically stuck with kids’ movies in the past, because they would be making cartoons that no adults care about, but I think now that studios like Pixar and Animal Logic (the studio behind this movie) are getting ahead of the curve, they should probably transition into some more adult oriented animation. No, I don’t mean “adult” animation, though that might not be a bad idea either. How did the porn industry corner the market on the term “Adult?” Hentai aside, I think the world would be ready for something like a mature, grown-up oriented version of Avatar, and not these stupid bird movies. Whoever came up with that idea must have been a real BIRD BRAIN! Hah! Okay, now this is officially over.


This is the male version of putting a sweater on your dog.

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