This is a movie…

Look at this.  Really look at this and tell me if you can believe this is a real movie and not just a trick being played on me by jokesters down at the Disney Channel.

Legally Blondes

I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen it on the shelves at Target today.  Barring the fact that it’s Legally Blonde, which started out as an ordinarily bad romcom, then continued down a slippery slope to becoming a Broadway musical, this STILL seems really bad.  As you can see from the poster down below, it’s not even the Legally Blonde we’ve all come to know and tolerate, this is a cheap knock-off that doesn’t even have Reese Witherspoon in it!  You can give me this “Reese Witherspoon presents” bullshit all day, and I’ll still say that they only forced her into slapping her name on it with a fat check.  Instead we have these two fifteen-year-old british kids who were peripheral characters in seven episodes of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”, a Disney Channel series which was canceled last year.  So basically the exec who wanted to make this money movie called up two random blonde twins in his big book of child actors and said “Hey kids, want to make a quick twenty bucks?”

I feel like this bad, high-school comedy knock-off is about the equivalent of the softcore porno version of a movie.  You know, something like Little Miss Where-the-sun-don’t-shine or The Devil Wears Nada where the only draw is the fact that the name kind of reminds you of something you already know?  This would be Barely Legal Blondes.  Though I’m sure that name was already taken, so they made this instead.  It’s a darn shame they did, too.

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