judy moody and the not bummer summer

Yes, life is bad. Time to end it all!

Do you like obnoxious four-year-olds who speak like antiquated stoners and search for bigfoot with Roller Girl from Boogie Nights? Well then have we got a movie for you! This week we’re taking a look at Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, which is about a girl named Judy Moody who is in ranger danger of having a bummer summer. She has a brother named Stink, and whether it’s appropriate or not, I think the kid’s parents actually named him that in the story. Like, her mom just experienced the miracle of childbirth and they asked her what she wanted to call her beautiful creation and she said “I shall call him Stink.” Nice. I’m going to name my child “Sock” or “Elbow” or maybe “Self Esteem Issues.”

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