Rob Schneider is a douchebag

Hey, I'm a douchebag!

Grown Ups is one of those horrible movies which will most likely be described as “a riot” or “a romp,” because people with no taste in comedy like to use those words to describe things that they think are funny. They are incorrect. Instead, the movie Grown Ups will allow you to see Rob Schneider derp da derp with Adam Sandler in the derp derp comedy movie of the derp! ‘Tis one of my only remaining memories of South Park.

I understand Chris Rock being included in this abomination of cinema, but when did Kevin James become a movie star? I thought he was on a show about being the leader of Drag Queens. What else could “The King of Queens” be about? Perhaps the feudal system, but definitely nothing else. Filmfail’s weekly Trailer Trash is brought to you by me, Dan Rickmers. Be sure to check out some more of these pseudo-reviews of movies you don’t want to see while you’re here.

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