Tagline: What happens When Soul-Searching Becomes Soul-Hunting?

As the post title suggests, this Filmfail is about how Eat Pray Love makes me want to vomit atheistic hate. Maybe I like playing the devil’s advocate, but that’s okay, since it’ll give Julia Roberts’ character a legitimate reason to pray. A movie that has so much eating, praying and loving certainly doesn’t have any time to go into things like “comedy” or “drama” or “things that make a movie interesting other than dimestore philosophy and truisms.” It’s also based off of the amazingly true story of a writer named Elizabeth Gilbert, who amazingly went on vacation to amazing uncharted countries like Italy and then amazingly wrote a book about it. Funfact, she paid for the year-long vacation using an advance from the money she planned to make from the book she wanted to write about her astounding revelations she knew she would make on the journey. I’ll bet it wasn’t forced at all, right?


Ooh, I feel so "ethnic!"

The whole idea of this Eat Pray Love thing is that anyone can find spiritual revelations anywhere, but this begs the question “why do I need to hear you tell me that?” Just because some lady named Elizabeth Gilbert thinks that the only things that are important in life are Eating, Praying, and Loving, doesn’t mean that’s the right answer. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the wrong answer. Of the three, eating is the only one you need to do to survive, and she doesn’t even go into Breathing, Growing, Reproducing, Reacting to changes in our Environment, and of course…excreting. Excreting as in poopin’ not excreting like I am shitting upon this film, Eat Pray Love.


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