Since I’m on vacation, I thought I’d give you all a break from watching me make fun of movies…by using pop culture to make fun of movies! Coolio. The funny thing is that youtube almost always slaps my videos with a this-video-is-probably-infringing-upon-copyright warning, which I have to refute each time since Trailer Trash is totally legit (well, at least legally) but they had NO problem with this one, which frankly is much more dubious. Some people would even say illegal, but some people can just shut da eff up! Oh, this is very NSFW language wise, so exercise caution if you’re like a priest or a little baby. Go away, baby. No one likes it when little babies use the interweb.

I’ll gladly make some more of these types of videos if you like them, so let me know by sending me an email, digging the article, leaving a comment or subscribing on iTunes if you don’t want to put in the effort of writing “lollerskates” in the comment box.


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