Let’s all wish Death at a Funeral an early and well-deserved death. This is one of the few memories in my mind with a white and a black-version, so I think that’s really, truly notable and innovative, but only because it’s so god damned racist. Aside from the addition of several black actors, this is seriously the SAME EXACT MOVIE. I mean, I can understand where they’re coming from. Sometimes I’ll watch a good movie like The Big Lebowski, and when it’s over I’ll often say to myself, “Why don’t you look at me when we make love anymore!” and then I’ll say to myself, “Man, that was so good, I wish I could watch it again.” Now, the only flaw in this plan is that instead of needing to wait for someone to remake The Big Lebowski with Tyler Perry and Martin Lawrence, is that I can actually just watch the movie again. That’s how DVDs work. You’re welcome.

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