Thar be a bounty on yer head, Maniston! Arrrrg.

Holy schmoly! It’s already time for another Trailer Trash. It was a busy week for, as we’ve had the Oscar Liveblog and the Youtube Closed-Captioning Fail…man, I SPOIL you guys with love and affection. The least you could do is pledge undying allegiance to my evil army of the undead…not feelin’ it? Ah, alright. Well today’s post is on the wacky Gerard Butler and Jennifer Maniston (see what I did there?) movie, The Bounty Hunter. Note that when I filmed this, I had a LITTLE too much caffeine in my system. For example, as I was getting ready, I looked something up in the dictionary and then dramatically bellowed the example sentence in a booming, regal accent. It read, “He is a dissembler who weaves a tangled web of lies!!!” Can you guess which word I was looking up? It was “web.”

I also recommend watching this video in closed-captioning, as it’s always a fun time, especially since I mumble, which gives the auto-closed-captioning service a bit-o-trouble.

You have NO idea, idea.

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