From this picture, we are to assume that Martin Lawrence wishes to kill himself because he wasn't born a woman. Tragic, really.

With the release of Big Mammas: Like Father, Like Son, Film Fail wonders why Martin Lawrence’s character feels the need to dress up like a large woman so frequently. Certainly this isn’t typical protocol for an FBI agent. As a side note, it’s been pissing me off to no end that in this latest installment, Momma is spelled Mamma as in “Big Mammas: Like Father Like Son,” whereas in the first two, Momma has been spelled Momma, as in “Big Momma’s House.” Can we at least stick to one, so I know which one to write when talking about the series proper? It’s like they don’t even value the mythology and lore of the Big Momma’s House trilogy!

So while I stringed together 30 or 40 fake Big Momma’s House sequel names, I want to know if any of my intelligent, wise, and sexually attractive viewers can think of any. Post them in the comments and if they’re good, maybe I’ll air them next week. Cool? Cool.

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