Two God-awful Rom-Coms in one summer? It’s time to make the call, people. What Sandra Bullock Movie made the most people claw out their own eyeballs and sever the most limbs in order to make it through? I’ve narrowed it down to three, but feel free to chime in with your own damn choices if you see fit. The three contenders are:

(Dramatic game-show music)

Mrs. Bullcock’s latest masterpiece, All About Steve, nudges its way into the very threshold of idiocy. You can watch the “original” trailer if you please, but then you can watch this week’s Trailer Trash to see if this is the shitty movie you will choose.

Our second terrible movie is The Proposal, also released earlier this year. If Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds falling in love amidst bribing one another to get married anyway isn’t a recipe for movie magic, then I don’t know WHAT is. Speaking of movie magic, I also did a Trailer Trash of The Proposal, in which you can not only make fun of a terrible romantic comedy, but also a zit I had at the time of making the video. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

Check out The Proposal

Finally, the last minute contestant, seemingly an underdog due to the fact that it is in the slightly more respectable genre of action-sequels (that was a little joke), it just might be a contender. Actually, mentioning it as a contestant predicates the fact that it is contending with the others, but whatever. Just watch this trailer for Speed 2: Cruise Control. “Somebody find the Captain!” “The Captain is…dead.” and let’s not forget, “Man, I just bought a condo here!”

Vote by leaving a comment, and I will announce the winner in next week’s Trailer Trash.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care which Sandra Bullock movie was the worst?” and my initial response is to knock you unconscious with a baseball bat and cry, “Why must you always ask such stupid questions like this? WHY????” Then, after you regain consciousness, you will have realized that you DO care. You DO care, because you enjoy sharing your opinion with friends. We…we ARE friends…aren’t we? You, me…and the baseball bat? Good friends.

I will see you next week…friend.

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