What Is a Film Fail?
Here at Film Fail, we’re all about bad movies, but not just your run-of-the-mill Mystery Science Theater 3000 camp movies.  We’re talking about the Film Fail.  When millions of dollars are spent making and advertising the Transformers movie, just to have Shia LaBeef run around with some CGI robots which look nothing like the real Transformers, that is a Film Fail.  When George Lucas decides he’s going to screw up a pretty awesome trilogy of sci-fi movies with a horrible prequel trilogy that forces people to refer to the original Star Wars trilogy as “the original Star Wars trilogy,” that is a Film Fail.  When all the time, effort, and money that goes into making a legitimate Hollywood movie is wasted on a God awful waste of our time, that is a Film Fail.

What is Trailer Trash?
Trailer Trash is our weekly review video blog, hosted by Dan Rickmers, wherein we bring to light one of these horrible Film Fails. Really though, it’s all about the comedy, as we crack-wise and pause awkwardly……………..often.

What are Four Second Reviews?

Okay seriously? Come on, it’s called “Four Second Reviews,” are you stupid? You know what, I’ll bite. 4 Second Reviews takes the lengthy and painstaking experience of watching something like FIVE Second Movies or (god forbid) SIX Second Reviews, and saves you all the time you could ever want, provided you don’t want to save over two seconds. Why would you watch a five second review when you could watch a four second review?

Do you really hate everyone in Hollywood?

No, not at all. Give me a job!

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